About CERT digital.security

CERT digital.security (formley known as CERT-UBIK) is an operational entity in charge of threat intelligence and incident response on information systems and new technologies.
CERT-DS brings together experts profiles from telecom, IT and electronics: spectrum analyzers, RF receivers and reverse engineering platforms are part of the range required for assessing the security of connected objects and incident response within the Information Systems.

cert CERT-DS is acknowledged by Trusted Introducer,  certifying organization of  TF-CSIRT, first European cooperation between CSIRTs teams :

cert The services of CERT-DS (formely known as CERT-UBIK) are acknowledged by Carnegie Mellon University, creator of the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC):

Signed RFC2350 of CERT-DS description is available here. as its signature.

To contact us

Phone : + 33 1 70 83 85 84
Fax : + 33 1 8509 6031
Email : cert@digital.security  ( GPG key )

Mail :
digital.security – CERT-DS
50 avenue Daumesnil
75012 PARIS

IoT Security Lab

True specificity of CERT-DS, IoT Security lab includes all the technical equipment necessary for security evaluation of connected objects :
- Assembly platform and hardware disassembly : soldering irons, hot air station, specific connectors, 3D
printer, etc. ;
- Software disassembly platform : Bus Pirate, JTAG connector, Xipiter Shikra, etc. ;
- Dedicated components to studying the radio frequency signals: HackRF, USRP, Ubertooth One, etc. ;
- Reverse Engineering softwares : IDA Pro, Hex-Rays, GDB, etc.



Our methods for forensic interventions

CERT-DS capitalizes experience in incident response and has many tools to conduct its interventions, including:

Forensic equipments:
CERT-DS has in his lab Tableau TD3 equipment for making forensic acquisitions respecting best practice. Other equipments like nomads Tableau T35e, Write Blockers, adapters, etc. can be used at any moment;

Forensic softwares:
CERT-DS uses many forensic software according to needs like Digital Forensic Framework (DFF) by Arxsys company and Encase by Guidance Software.
dffen case

MISP : Malware Information Sharing Plateform
CERT-DS operates a MISP platform to collect, share and develop all Indicators Of Compromission (IOC) and perform correlations to help understanding the context of a compromise.