CERT is an operational entity in charge of threat intelligence and incident response on information systems and new technologies.
CERT brings together experts profiles from telecom, IT and electronics: spectrum analyzers, RF receivers and reverse engineering platforms are part of the range required for assessing the security of connected objects and incident response within the Information Systems.

cert CERT-UBIK is acknowledged by Trusted Introducer,  certifying organization of  TF-CSIRT, first European cooperation between CSIRTs teams :

cert The services of CERT-UBIK are acknowledged by Carnegie Mellon University, creator of the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC):

Signed RFC2350 of CERT-UBIK description is available here.

To contact us

Phone : + 33 1 70 83 85 84
Fax : + 33 1 8509 6031
Email : team@cert-ubik.com  ( GPG key )

Mail :
digital.security – CERT-UBIK
50 avenue Daumesnil
75012 PARIS

IoT Security Lab

True specificity of CERT-UBIK, IoT Security lab includes all the technical equipment necessary for security evaluation of connected objects :
- Assembly platform and hardware disassembly : soldering irons, hot air station, specific connectors, 3D
printer, etc. ;
- Software disassembly platform : Bus Pirate, JTAG connector, Xipiter Shikra, etc. ;
- Dedicated components to studying the radio frequency signals: HackRF, USRP, Ubertooth One, etc. ;
- Reverse Engineering softwares : IDA Pro, Hex-Rays, GDB, etc.



Our methods for forensic interventions

CERT-UBIK capitalizes experience in incident response and has many tools to conduct its interventions, including:

Forensic equipments:
CERT-UBIK has in his lab Tableau TD3 equipment for making forensic acquisitions respecting best practice. Other equipments like nomads Tableau T35e, Write Blockers, adapters, etc. can be used at any moment;

Forensic softwares:
CERT-UBIK uses many forensic software according to needs like Digital Forensic Framework (DFF) by Arxsys company and Encase by Guidance Software.
dffen case

MISP : Malware Information Sharing Plateform
CERT-UBIK operates a MISP platform to collect, share and develop all Indicators Of Compromission (IOC) and perform correlations to help understanding the context of a compromise.