- Are you able to measure the security level of your smart devices in their design or use?

IoT development must not be conducted at the expense of security.
Analysts forecast between 25 and 100 billion smart devices worldwide by 2020 for a market estimated at several hundreds billions dollars. Smart home, sports, healthcare, logistics, industries and smart cities: we are or will be all affected directly or indirectly by the IoT.
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Next blocThe ambition of is to define the new balance allowing the IoT economic growth and the compliance with good security practices. This goes beyond the scope of smart devices and requires taking into account a set of components that must be harnessed in order to ensure the best possible security:
  • Objects
  • Transport and routing data protocols
  • Cloud services
  • Applications and Information Systems
That is why we offer our expertise in IoT to designers and users.

Smart devices designers
Can you design smart devices without the support of security experts?

We enable companies that design smart devices to:

Test and assess the security of their products through our dedicated lab
Benefit from guidance and recommendations to enhance their creations
Accelerate their introduction on the market by communicating on the reliability of their products

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Smart devices users
Do smart devices represent a new vulnerability for your business security?

We enable companies using smart devices to:

Safely integrate the IoT in their Information System
Adapt existing security policies to the IoT
Reduce the risks relative to smart devices use
Continuously manage the security level of smart devices

To handle these IoT issues in the best way, Digital.Security supports you in:

detection faille
The detection of security vulnerabilities induced by the IoT and its new uses DISCOVER OUR AUDIT SERVICES
The possible improvements to smart devices DISCOVER OUR CONSULTING SERVICES
The training for implementing security in smart device conception DISCOVER OUR TRAINING SERVICES
The assessment of the risk level and the permanent control of smart devices DISCOVER OUR CERT
Implementing security management Tools DISCOVER OUR IMPLEMENTATION & PROJECT
Managing and optimizing your IS security on a daily basis DISCOVER OUR OPERATIONAL SECURITY

And to learn more about our expertise IoT