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The Laboratory of is a technology sanctuary in which we conduct digital investigations and all types of analyzes on smart devices and their ecosystem to detect the smallest vulnerabilities.
This laboratory allows us to deliver an IoT security label which guarantees to users and principals a security level compliance with the requirements.

Analysis and research
on radio frequency protocols and detection of radiating equipment
“Physical” attacks
and tests on smart devices
to identify and secure digital evidences

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the LAB

Shielded cabinet

controlled environment which is free of electromagnetic emissions to isolate a radiating equipment and study it without being disturbed by other emissions.

Radiofrequency transmission and reception modules

to adapt ourselves to all new IoT protocols and industrial systems.

Evaluation platform for smart devices

control station, measurement and analysis of data collected on smart devices..

3D Printer

to create or reproduce all or part of an object in order to perform new tests or develop custom tools.


to capture and analyze signals.

Duplicator forensics of digital media

to create an exact copy of a digital device for analysis, without altering or damaging the original media. Included smartphones.

Specialized software

to efficiently address new approaches.

A fridge with drinks

because there are not ONLY machines working in the laboratory

Computer forensics analysis

to search evidences on digital media.

Filter screen on the windows

for obvious privacy reasons.
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